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Bird Songs by Don Kroodsma

Don is the leading expert on bird songs: He has a fabulous new site with songs across the U.S.  For most of the birds he has used my images (some also on this site but by no means all).

Arthur Morris

In my view the leading bird photographer anywhere.  I owe much to Artie: he is incredibly generous with his knowledge through his web site, near-daily blogs, IPTs (instructional photo tours), and books.  He led my three trips to the Galápagos Islands.

Don Roberson

A much-traveled birder, author and good friend, maintains a very extensive and well-organized website on Bird Families of the World, as well as birds of Monterey County, CA, the bird-rich region where he lives.

Tom Hince

is a top professional who guides birding tours for individuals and groups, in Canada and elsewhere (e.g.  South Africa and South America), as well as around his base near Point Pelee,  Ontario during the May migrations.

Tim Grey

teaches and writes on processing digital photographs using Photoshop and Lightroom.  He provides an email service (Ask Tim Grey) responding nearly daily to questions.

Breeze Systems

(“Digital Workflow Simplified“) offers a wide array of  software for photography. I use two programs every dayBreezebrowser Pro, for all aspects of organizing my images, and Downloader Pro for downloading them to my computer (it renames the files so they are less anonymous; e.g. a New York image from Halloween 2017 becomes :  NYC-17-10-31_4497.jpg.)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Ithaca NY.  The preeminent North American academic institution for ornithological research and education. Many of my images are on its “Birds of North America” site as well as a forthcoming birdsong site by Donald Kroodsma.

Birding Europe

We typically use one of these English-based tour companies for birding Europe:

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