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Another miscellaneous page, covering three countries.  In order of presentation: We visited Hungary for a week in October 2007, Estonia for two weeks in April-May 2007, and Bulgaria for a week in September 2014.  Hungary was a nearly a complete washout (literally), with rain on all but one day; owls were the highlight, and it was a jolly English group.  After arrival in Helsinki, we circled Estonia, seeing a satisfying variety of birds and at one point looking across to Russia (as Sarah claimed to do from Alaska–remember that?).  Bulgaria included good flight opportunities.

HUNGARY: Misty Walk

Long-eared Owls

Long-eared Owl

Eurasian Siskin

ESTONIA: White Stork in Flight

White Stork Pair

Common Shelducks in Flight

Lesser Spotted Eagle


Little Ringed Plover Pair


Pied Wagtail

Citril Wagtail

Pied Flycatcher


BULGARIA: Crested Lark

White Pelicans

White-tailed Eagle

Red-footed Falcon

Hoopoe in Flight

Pied Wheatear

Red-backed Shrike

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