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We have done more birding in France than any other European country, mostly in the Camargue in the far south.  There are a few images from elsewhere at the top, including Paris, where we spend a part of each winter. The Camargue includes mainly the sprawling Rhone delta on the Mediterranean. It’s a Regional Nature Park, below sea level, crisscrossed by canals, and with a large saline lake in the middle—the Étang de Vaccares (you’ll see flamingos marching along the edge). Most of our half-dozen stays there have been in a tiny village called Gageron near the top of the triangular delta, 13 kilometers south of Arles; a number of captions refer to “our usual circuit” heading south from there. There are numerous other locations as well, south to the sea and west to the Scamandre area.

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