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We have done more birding in France than any other European country, mostly in the Camargue in the far south.  There are a few images from elsewhere at the top, including Paris, where we spend a part of each winter. The Camargue includes mainly the sprawling Rhone delta on the Mediterranean. It’s a Regional Nature Park, below sea level, crisscrossed by canals, and with a large saline lake in the middle—the Étang de Vaccares (you’ll see flamingos marching along the edge). Most of our half-dozen stays there have been in a tiny village called Gageron near the top of the triangular delta, 13 kilometers south of Arles; a number of captions refer to “our usual circuit” heading south from there. There are numerous other locations as well, south to the sea and west to the Scamandre area.

Wood Pigeon


Black-headed Gull

Common Cranes

Eurasian Robin

Green Woodpecker

Eurasian Nuthatch

Eurasian Kingfisher

Our Gîte in Gageron

Donkey Family

Jackdaw Pair

Shepherd with dogs and pole

Stone Curlew

Cattle Egret with Sheep

Water Rail

Common Snipe

Little Egret


Eurasian Teal

White Stork …

White Stork …

Common Buzzard

Short-toed Eagle

Short-toed Eagle

Grey Heron

Yellow Wagtail

Eurasian Bittern

Cattle Egrets on a White Horse

Cattle Egret with Bull

Spoonbills in Flight

Eurasian Kestrel

Euasian Tree Sparrow

Black-tailed Godwits

Cetti’s Warbler

Crested Grebe

Purple Heron

Grey Heron

Squacco Heron

Squacco Heron Landing

Common Redshank

Slender-billed Gull

Flamingo Flock


Flamingos Resting



Flamingo Pair


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