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This gallery covers our trips to Norway in June 2012 and Sweden , with a full week mainly in Lapland in June 2013. The Norwegian trip was just six days, landing in Trondheim and heading south to Oppdal for outings to the surrounding Dovre mountains. The scenery was spectacular and the birds excellent. A special treat were Musk Oxen, reintroduced to the area in the 1930s.

The heart of our Swedish tour was in the highlands of Lapland, we were based for three nights at Funäsdalen, for outings further north; at one point we reached the highest road in Sweden, at 975 meters. The weather was a bit mixed but mostly tolerable. Most dramatic was a high-altitude search for Dotterel across a grassy plateau, advancing in a line against wind and light rain—at least we were successful . it was one of our best trips.

NORWAY: Short-eared owl

Eurasian Cuckoo …

Eurasian Cuckoo …

Common Crane

Temminck’s Stint

Common Redshank …


Musk Ox

SWEDEN: Fieldfare Juvenile

Three-toed Woodpecker

Great Grey Owl

Pygmy Owl

Banding Ural Owl Chicks

Ural Owl Parent

Ural Owl Chicks


Red-necked Phalarope



Little Gull

Siberian Jay



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